•  Workout all the time and your body never changes ?

•  Eat healthy and never lose a pound?

•  Train hard and are disciplined, but your performance is not at the level you want?

•  Have sugar and salt cravings and never feel satisfied?

Hype DNA testing can help you. Our DNA Testing is the first to create a fitness and nutrition program based on 4 measured factors from DNA results: 1. Fitness 2.Nutrition 3.Performance 4.Behavior From these results a program is created for you on how to eat, how to train, what type of fitness program is best for you and how to cope with behaviors you have to get your optimal results. This program is available for online purchase and use also . We can Do this on-site or online.

Program includes: – A complete book with your results  – A personal training program  – A sample nutrition day  – Coaching and nutrition tracking for one month.

Price: $375.00

**DNA testing is done by a certified CLIA lab and DNA destroyed. A Coding number can be used instead of your name so your results are protected if that is a concern.