Yoga & Meditation


All classes are based on do us and form. Creating a relationship with the client on what their needs and levels are. No more than 4 persons to a class (excluding dance cardio and knock it out classes).

All yoga , barre and meditation Classes $45 up to 4 people only. One on one by appointment $70 per class. Dance $20 per person up to 15 people. One on one by appointment $70 per class. Dance $20 per person up to 15 people. One on one by appointment $70 per class.


Long, lean and toned muscles are the goal of this workout that blends basic ballet postures with pilates and cardio training. Training is done either in bare feet or barre socks and don’t be surprised if your legs and arms start shaking while doing this work-out, the “shake” is caused by the muscle fatigue which builds and shapes the muscles into submission.


Use the power of just your body and mind to build a stronger you. Gain not only a strong core, but also flexibility and balance in a peaceful, but upbeat flow and train your body to use your breath in a more effective manner, gaining both stamina and the ability to clear your mind, both during the yoga session and outside the studio.

Aerial Yoga

Blending both the flow of yoga with the strength and conditioning of pilates, aerial yoga is the perfect blend of flexibility and strength training allowing you to use an aerial hammock to fall deeper into poses and challenging your body to hold and stabilize positions while balancing in the hammock. The result is a strong core and long, lean muscles, with the added benefit of increased flexibility. This practice is done in bare feet and  participants are encouraged to wear tighter fitting clothing and remove jewelry.  One on one sessions are also available and while this can be a challenging workout, multiple modifications are available to make this workout accessible to anyone whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to cross train or someone who is just starting your fitness journey.

Deep Stretch

Deep stretch is a restorative class appropriate for all levels. You’ll start with a gentle flow to warm-up before coming to the floor holding various yoga poses (2-5 minutes), exploring the depths of the body’s flexibility and ability to release tension throughout various muscle groups.


The word “vinyasa” can be translated as “arranging something in a special way,” like yoga poses for example. In vinyasa yoga classes, students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Class starts with a warm-up before moving into a standing series, core work, backbends, inversions and floor work. The standing series is repeated one time through and the intention of the class is to strengthen the body and focus the mind. No two classes feel the same.

Morning Flow

An energizing class for all levels. Vinyasa flow links breath to a sequence of continuous movement which is focused on building strength, flexibility, and focus. We will work to connect breath to movement and setting intentions for the day to leave you feeling ready to take on anything.

Meditation & Yoga With Ryan

A one hour class that teaches one to live in the present moment. Guided meditation with 30-minute silent meditation.

$25 per class
$80 one on one