What’s the Hype?

Hype Fitness is a hidden gem in the Myers park / Eastover neighborhoods of Charlotte, NC. We are a private, upscale facility that is solely based on the client. We create a program to fit each individuals needs and wants. 18+ Years of experience and dedication to fitness, wellness and to  each client is what sets us apart . We want each person, any age, to feel like Hype Fitness is their home and have a comfortable environment to achieve any goals or work through any issues they may have. Through fitness, nutrition and life management our training goes beyond the hour you are here. The focus at Hype is to take an individual through each stage of life to make them the best they can be with their fitness and wellness for a lifetime. From young adults to geriatric clients we are here to be patient, encouraging,and goal oriented. We take the time to invest with you personally by:

-believing fitness and wellness are a lifestyle and we want to encourage all to live it daily.
-Answering questions in and out of the gym is something we do without hesitation.
-Weather it’s an away program we create while you travel or helping you pick an item off a dinner menu while you are eating out, we do it.
– wanting to take your athletic ability or hobby to the next level ?
With performance and nutrition guidance we are here to build the best program for the individual and their needs.
– need balance and mobility put back into your step? We work with you to show you what you can do in the gym and at home to build core, balance and mobility for daily life activity.

They call it personal training for a reason… it’s personal and we are here to be that facility for you.

We specialize in:
-Functional fitness, athletic training, personal training and DNA testing.
-sports specific performance training for adults in golf ,tennis, skiing and snow boarding and more.
Young adults in basketball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse,baseball, field hockey and football and more.
-weight loss and muscle gain
-strength,balance and agility for any age and level
-Teaching good habits and educating each person for a lifestyle in fitness and nutrition.